Met de Rally in Finland in het vooruitzicht traint Hirvonen in zijn thuisland Finland, de nieuwe Ford Focus WRC met 2007 specificaties, hieronder vertelt hij over zijn ervaring tot nu toe:

Hirvonen had a fantastic Rally Finland tests.

Ford Focus WRC driver Mikko Hirvonen had first experiences from '07-spec rally car in tests at Finland. He feels very confortable for the results as he pushed his car in very beautiful Finnish summer weather in the begining of July.
Our new car has worked well and it also seems faster than previous version. It all looks good, Hirvonen tells.

Ford new '07-spec Focus WRC maiden rally is WRC Finland at the begining of August. The car looks like previous version but transmission, suspension and weight balance has been improved.
During the rally we can see how fast this baby truly is. However I feel like its' bit more agile and turns better to corners than the previous version, Hirvonen analyzed.
The car is also lots of stable and better to handle in high speeds, which is very important, he continued.

Hirvonen believes that Ford Focus RS WRC'07 is a rally car to help him fight for the victory in WRC Finland.

Developement work has not gone backwards.
The stage Ford used in first test day was located in Hauhanpohja. Its' approx 30kms south from WRC Finland headquarter city Jyväskylä. The stage was narrow and fast paced gravel road. Test team focused their efforts for setuping suspension.
Second test day was wider and jumpy road. Hirvonen estimated that in two days he was able to rally about 350 special stage kilometres.

First we seek good setup and then secured their work in wider, told Hirvonen.

Eerstvolgende Rally in die van Finland
03 t/m 05 augustus 2007.

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